The Man Who Loved Crocodile Tamers (2022)

I wept when I finished this book. Not just because I had finished it. Though it was that too. It was a long and intense book which kept me sustained for a long stretch, and became a friend. I had to keep stopping to re-read a sentence, reflect a while on its deeper or double meaning.

Nancy Richards, The Good Book Appreciation Society

Listen to Associate Professor Emerita Lesley Marx interview Finuala about The Man Who Loved Crocodile Tamers.

Okay, Okay, Okay (2019)

How much do I love this author — let me count the ways. Like Jane Austen, she has a moral vision wrapped in humour.

Lyndall Gordon

The Fetch (2015)

It is a rare thing to read a book that transports the reader right away to another world; that leaves a reader utterly satisfied after it has been read. The Fetch is such a book.

Dineke Volschenk

Homemaking for the Down-at-Heart (2011)

Her writing appears effortless, but in truth every page is crafted and precise.  Finuala Dowling is simply a wonderful writer, and Homemaking for the Down-at-Heart is her best book yet.

Karen Scherzinger

Flyleaf (2007)

What Poets Need (2005)

Flyleaf is a novel both poignant and hilarious.

Jane Rosental

..a kind of a paradox… a novel about poetry, a melancholy celebration of the extraordinariness of ordinary things, a love letter that is also a long goodbye, a very funny reflection on the sadness of things, a sad recollection of past joy, a lonely man’s pleasure in the companionableness of his life, a transmutation of loss into fictional gain… Finuala Dowling is … a poet who has written a wonderful novel

Michiel Heyns